Your Brother Should Know

Dave and Rob didn’t share a childhood, so they’re sharing the music that shaped them instead

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Tuesday Dec 19, 2023

Welcome to the music podcast about more than music. Your hosts might be siblings, but they didn’t meet until Rob was 16, and Dave was nearly 30. So now, separated by 6,000 miles, the estranged siblings are making up for a lost childhood by sharing the music that shaped them – one seminal, formative album at a time.

Sunday Dec 31, 2023

In our debut outing, Rob attempts to persuade Dave that, while it was released in 1989, the Pixies’ Doolittle is the greatest album of the 90s … and Dave is only 53% convinced.

Sunday Dec 31, 2023

In episode two, Dave wanders down a long dark night of the soul to present Disintegration by The Cure, an epic of despair and depression that Rob thankfully doesn’t have time for (anymore).

Sunday Dec 31, 2023

As Daft Punk’s party-starting throwback Random Access Memories turns 10, in episode 3, Rob gets all misty-eyed about attempting to “Get Lucky” on the dancefloor – and almost convinces Dave the album’s epic indulgences hold up a decade later.

Sunday Dec 31, 2023

For our fourth soul-searching summit, Dave flirts with his inner prog stan, riskily sharing the overblown opus of Supertramp’s breakthrough Crime of the Century – was not knowing it Rob’s crime of the millennium?

Sunday Dec 31, 2023

Is This It? It sure is – in episode 5, the brothers discuss this millennium’s most influential guitar album, two days after Rob caught The Strokes in concert. Was Dave converted by the ridiculously over-hyped record, and how do the band measure up live today?

Sunday Dec 31, 2023

Oo er – this is problematic … or is it? In episode six, Dave (un?)wisely revisits The Stranglers’ debut outing Rattus Norvegicus, which presents far more issues in 2023 than its silly name…

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

Rob was one of the zillions who found solace in Fiona Apple's DIY masterpiece during the pandemic, but Dave says he'd rather listen to Ed Sheeran...

Saturday Mar 09, 2024

Dave spent two summers in a campervan sobbing himself to sleep to the sound of Tori Amos' introspective third album. Rob only knows the one from a Gregg's commercial ... which he learns is all about big dicks, not sandwiches.

Monday Apr 01, 2024

In the wake of the Hackney Diamonds hype, Rob remains convinced that it's 2005 predecessor is truly the Stones' final masterpiece. Meanwhile, a sceptical Dave posists the unlikely argument that A Bigger Bang is, in fact, a concept album ...


Dave and Rob have the same dad. Only they didn’t meet until Rob was 16 ... and Dave was nearly 30. That’s a lot of life to catch up on. And music – because whatever else they had in common, these long-lost brothers quickly realised they both really bloody loved music. 

So, some 20 years after that fateful first meeting – and separated by 6,000 miles – the estranged siblings launched this podcast. It's super simple: every episode introduces an album that one brother loves, and the other doesn’t know from Adam. Then the other brother selects the next episode’s subject … and, repeat.

Welcome, then, to a podcast about some music that at least one of us is convinced Your Brother Should Know.

And you probably should, too.

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